2 Philip
Hi, I’m Philip
Dog Eared Photography is a custom portrait studio in Belmont MA.
I specialize in eye-opening photographs of dogs and people.

I’ve been fascinated by light and details all my life. I grew up to be a laser physicist, I’ve designed theatrical lighting, and I’ve worked as an architectural lighting designer. I’ve had a camera and I’ve been looking around at things with it since I was 15.

So when I look at dogs, and I do, a lot, what I see are two things: details, and light. I love the intricate patterns of fur. I love the tiny curl of a whisker, or the shiny coat that you can almost feel. I can barely sit still when a dog’s eyes light up. And, of course, I see their affection, their desire, their excitement. You’d have to be asleep to not notice that dogs just want to play, just want to be happy all the time, and just want to share that with people.

A good photograph records the beauty that’s in the details, and in the light.
It awakens feelings of wonder.

A portrait goes a step further – it captures some of what glows from within,
        the complexity and richness that makes dogs individuals, makes them who they are.
                And it captures their I just can’t help it personalities.

                                         I think that looks like this: